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Leadership Program and Trainer Certification


Somatic Consensus... begins with aligning who you are and what you value with your actions and deeds in the world.

This program is for those who share a commitment to cultivating our empathic facilities for listening to the life we all share, bringing all voices to the table, and taking actions that support positive change in the world.

The 9-month Somatic Consensus Leadership Program offers the individualized attention and support needed for shaping your own practices, deepening into them over time, and building the competencies to share Somatic Consensus skills, principles, and practices in meaningful, creative ways. In this vigorous mind/body experiential training, you will learn the nuances of Somatic Consensus practices and be able to offer paradigm-shifting empowerment to a diverse audience. During the 9-month SC Leadership Program you will fulfill steps needed to become a Somatic Consensus Certified Trainer

“All the materials and support you need to design, facilitate, and implement your own foundational learning program.”


Deepen Personal Practice

Reliable, lasting change comes when practice and training are relevant and lifelong. This 9 month immersion takes the us deeper as we continue the work of recognizing the constant layering over our beginnings, and then chip away at the strategies that no longer serve us. Any lifelong learning path eventually brings us face to face with the histories we have embodied. It requires commitment, care, and courage.  to peel back these layers to allow deeper motivations to emerge and empower our unique gifts.

Although we can change our words, changing our habits takes practice that includes body, emotions, and language....our whole being.  Learning together within a cohort community environment accelerates the learning. It is within the fullness of relationship where we are challenged and guided to become more open and compassionate,  All of our sessions honor the time and space needed for cultivating inner resourcefulness, and self-acceptance.  Such immersive work can be unsettling AND it can become a homecoming that is well worth the effort.  

Embody Your Leadership 

Taking time for communion with our deepest knowing is essential because we are all beautiful in our depths. When we can do it together, such processes are accelerated.  We all must lead our own lives. Each one of us is a teacher and a learner. From intimate relationships to building needed bridges out in the world, these changing times are calling us to lead, to rise up in more honest, courageous, and empathic ways. A transformative leader is one who engages a greater personal vision and who can authentically lead with compassion. This program builds such competencies.  With Somatic Consensus practice there are always new thresholds to cross in personal and professional development As we discover the true essence of ourselves, we become more of a healing, connective, and empowering presence. The integration of Somatic Consensus’ body and emotional awareness practices and the brilliant linguistic skills of Nonviolent Communication, and the harmonizing art of Aikido, help to align purpose and meaning with masterful action to design futures and take actions that fulfill on them.

Cultivate Community Wherever You Go

The inspiration underlying Somatic Consensus program is the reclamation of Community in all its fullness. Training ourselves in community cultivates our own self-respect, respect for others, and ultimately respect for all of life. Learning within a cohort setting can guide us to listen better, explore beyond ourselves, be responsible for our connections, more effectively fulfill our commitments, and embody new, generative ways of being. 

The embodiment of skills and presence that the practice of community requires can be felt in our presence, who we are as we show up. Like draws like. Leadership presence that embodies the ways of generative community is what we need to meet the challenges and hopes of our times to leave our communities and the world more vital.  

9-month Somatic Consensus Leadership Program:  

  • A cohort group of 15-20 people
  • 40+ hours of training sessions with David Weinstock (2-4 sessions month)
  • 35+ hours of cohort group practice sessions with the Liminal Somatics team (2-4 sessions per month)
  • An online platform to support a lively forum for questions and answers, sharing, feedback and conversations. 
  • A supportive environment for offering and receiving feedback
  • Regular partner practice sessions
  • Modules in a somatic approach to Nonviolent Communication, Somatic Coaching, and Consensus building in Community
  • Materials and support to design, facilitate, and implement your own Somatic Consensus program
  • Extended practice in Somatic Consensus Distinctions
  • Instructions and support in writing your Somatic Autobiography 
  • Training in being competent at Tech support and Zoom conferencing
  • Participants in this program will receive 50% off all future Liminal Somatics Foundations online courses    


Prerequisites for the 9-month Program:

We ask that participants of this 9-month program have a foundational understanding in Somatic Consensus before beginning. You may contact us if you are interested in this program and need additional training to meet the pre-requisites. 
1. Completed a minimum of 20 hours of intentional practice with David Weinstock or the Liminal Somatics Team
2. A basic understanding of the Somatic Consensus practices: S.U.R.F., Core Strategies, Internal Consensus, Shape Shifting, Hollow Bone/Choosing Decisively, Spiral Blend
3. Have read Becoming What You Need by David Weinstock

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Become a Somatic Consensus Certified Trainer:

  • Completion of the 9-month Somatic Consensus Leadership Program
  • Facilitate an 8-week Liminal Somatics Foundation Course, or the equivalent (practice sessions, one-on-one sessions) to show competence in all Liminal Somatics practices
  • Somatic Autobiography
  • Receive feedback from the Liminal Somatics Team and from participants from your sessions
  • Conferences and working together with David Weinstock and Liminal Somatics Team to assess competencies to begin as a Somatic Consensus Trainer
  • Know and articulate a personal vision/mission statement, program design, commitments, and conditions of satisfaction


Benefits for Certified Trainers: 

  • Title of Somatic Consensus Trainer and Associate Trainer with Liminal Somatics
  • Access the Liminal Somatics Team and website for support with registrations, promotions, and an online platforms for your own courses (additional fees may apply)
  • Share your name and offerings on the Liminal Somatics website (additional fees may apply)
  • Partner in opportunities with LS Associates and in our Learning Community Dojo
  • Have a credential that mutually honors the Somatic Consensus lineage
  • 50% off all future Liminal Somatic online sessions and 25% off in-person trainings
  • ...and more to come

**The fees to become certified will be based on the needs of the individual wishing to be certified and the Liminal Somatics Team members involved in supporting the individual.  

SC Certification Application Process

David Weinstock

Lead Trainer


Faith Chinnock

Somatic Consensus Trainer

Judith Weinstock

Somatic Consensus Trainer


Ryan van Der Zanden

Somatic Consensus Trainer

 Our Commitment to you is that we do our best to show up on time, to care, be engaged, listen, generously share and be creatively and empathetically responsive to the present group and individual needs.