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Emily Johnson

"In David's Somatic and NVC training you will learn how to see your way through healthy conflict and better yet will get inspired about life, meaningful relationships, and all that we can become."

Reggie Townsend

“Somatic Consensus is an opportunity to transform how you communicate with yourself and the world. Understanding the importance of love and empathy.” 

Ruby Harrison-Clay

This workshop has guided me in working through difficult emotions and feelings in a healthy, productive way, and how to stay grounded. David and Judith Weinstock are two of the most beautiful humans I've had the privilege to meet!

Leo Bostock

An incredible workshop where we learned and talked about how we hold feelings and pain in different ways in our bodies and how we can hold each other as divine beings. Inspiring!

Isabel Gates

An important class for learning ways to find awareness within relationships,  being responsible for our inner conditioning and tuning into the source of our deep needs.


Alan Sternik

Go for it! Bathe in the medicine of authenticity, playing within vulnerability and loving support.  The opening up of trust and intimacy through learning and practice the methods shard by Judith and David.


Riene Bradette

A good way to practice difficult conversations while using your body to stay centered and involved in the conversations.


Robert Singer

Even when they were “working things out” during the workshop…it made it read and gave me hope for a kind of intimate relationship I really want to bring to my life.           


Brian Hopper

I felt vulnerable and safe, which is wonderful. I've discovered so much about myself and feel more support at my back. I want to continue learning!

David Yeazel

This work allows us to sit with ourselves and integrate our bodies into the present moment. This series of training seemed to change with me as needed!

Ingrid Amirault 

Being very kinetic, the depth that you bring to the NVC practices works so well for me. It feels creative, as I feel NVC more in my body! 

Elana Eyta

I so appreciated the humanness in your dynamic as a couple. IT create a lot of permission in the field to be on our own learning edge and not to have to do it all perfectly, coming out of the gate


From Delores Q,`

Good morning David, I was deeply touched by the group’s intense and focused energy at your Port Townsend workshop yesterday. I feel excited and motivated by NVC and related somatic practices. My friend Angie was also present and the drive home was filled with delightful, open-hearted sharing and hopeful discovery about NV relating with our loved ones as well as personal NV care. As I read your recent article about sharing the “inner friend” with the group of children, I was touched to tears as I realized how beautiful loving, nurturing relationship truly is and how much I want that to be my life’s work/play. This is not a brand new passion of mine, but a developing direction that seems to be moving along pretty swiftly now. I appreciate the compassionate energy that you and Marcia shared with the group. The comfortable “container” provided lots of space to be open and safe as we explore NVC. I am becoming increasingly aware that even though the painful experiences of my life have been enormously challenging, they also hold within them the potential for authentic connection and endless beauty as I practice this shift in my perspective. Powerful!