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From Delores Q,`

Good morning David, I was deeply touched by the group’s intense and focused energy at your Port Townsend workshop yesterday. I feel excited and motivated by NVC and related somatic practices. My friend Angie was also present and the drive home was filled with delightful, open-hearted sharing and hopeful discovery about NV relating with our loved ones as well as personal NV care. As I read your recent article about sharing the “inner friend” with the group of children, I was touched to tears as I realized how beautiful loving, nurturing relationship truly is and how much I want that to be my life’s work/play. This is not a brand new passion of mine, but a developing direction that seems to be moving along pretty swiftly now. I appreciate the compassionate energy that you and Marcia shared with the group. The comfortable “container” provided lots of space to be open and safe as we explore NVC. I am becoming increasingly aware that even though the painful experiences of my life have been enormously challenging, they also hold within them the potential for authentic connection and endless beauty as I practice this shift in my perspective. Powerful!