David Weinstock

Executive Director 

I am an international trainer of Nonviolent Communication, a Somatic Coach, an Aikido instructor, and a master goldsmith. My recent book, “Becoming What You Need” and the work that I’ve developed called Somatic Consensus offers essential basics to orient one's personal practice towards embodiment and lifelong, artful paths. 

I lead workshops locally and around the world for a diverse audience of people seeking to connect with the wisdom of the body, deepen their relationships, and find their voices in this rapidly changing world. Woven into my programs are the time-honored lessons of mastery and conflict resolution distilled from the peaceful art of Aikido. 

I offer individual coaching, workshops, and classes to help synchronize language, emotions, and actions to support a meaningful life that is deeply felt and that sheds light on the less-emphasized nonverbal realm in which the majority of communication occurs. I love to help my clients to develop their abilities to self-direct, self-generate, and navigate through the complexities of life with greater clarity and integrity. Together with my wife Judith, along with 8 other families, we co-founded an intentional community where we raised our family since 1990 in Indianola, Washington within the ancestral territory of the suq̀ʷabsĚŚ “People of Clear Salt Water” (Suquamish People).

Judith Weinstock

Associate Trainer

I teach somatic practices and embodying Nonviolent Communication through the mediums of food, community, art, education, and activism. I am a certified international trainer of Nonviolent Communication have co-led workshops around the world in schools, prisons, intentional communities, and businesses, and offer mediation for families, parents, and children, siblings, and couples.  As a master chef, having previously partnered in/owned four restaurants and published two cookbooks. I’ve been teaching my original curriculum Connective Culinary Arts, to young people and adults for over twenty years. This curriculum integrates history, ethics, food politics, science, chemistry, and nutrition through food and the art of cooking. The premise of my teaching celebrates the notion that food is the connective tissue for all life on the planet, and that the strategies humans employ to answer to our hunger–three times a day!– is pivotal in the healing of the planet and living in harmony with all species. My focus is on the reclamation and celebration of our empathic faculties with the life on our plate that feeds the life that we live.

I am a singer-songwriter I love to teach voice and guitar as a profound medium for “finding our voice” to shape the world we wish to live in.  

Faith Chinnock

Course Coordinator, SC Certified Trainer 

Faith Chinnock, Morongo Valley, California, USA, is a Somatic Consensus Trainer, Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, and Positive Discipline Parent Educator. I began my career path as an animal trainer where I recognized two main ways to change behavior—through gaining control by external means (reward and punishment), or by working collaboratively to meet the needs of all involved. I found that listening deeply allowed me to hear the longings of the individuals. Through this empathic connection it became easier to find solutions. When I came across Liminal Somatics, I felt I had found my home in this learning community. As I continue to practice with the Becoming What You Need community, I see myself and others moving toward the core essence of who we are through connecting with the deeper desires/needs of all parts of ourselves (head, heart, gut, soul, etc). For me, there is nothing more meaningful than collaborating with others to create a space for healing, community, and reconnecting with ourselves.

Amy Dyer

Creative Organizing Assistant

My longing to care for and support others has guided my choices as a health and lifestyle coach and EQ guidance counselor. In 2014 I received Marshall Rosenberg's book: Nonviolent Communication, A language for life.  It revealed a simple, and profound way to peel back layers of conditioning and exploring humanity in new ways.  With the exploration of NVC I found a level of internal peace I did not know existed! 

Liminal Somatics helped find a piece of the communications puzzle that was missing for me -- coming home to the body -- ourselves, what matters, and the ability to listen to our hearts. It is with great enthusiasm and my sincere hope that I can support others in finding their way home to their hearts by sharing a somatic approach to NVC in its fullness.  



Shelley Weinstock, PhD, CNS, FACN 

Nutritional Advisor and Trainer

As a professor and researcher for over 25 years, I have come to understand the great need for nutrition counseling and education.  My move into clinical nutrition is motivated by the demand for translating the enormous amount of nutrition research in the professional literature into usable information for the consumer. I work with individuals, groups of teens and adults, and with people of all different backgrounds and economic status. My practices promote evidence-based nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and help people to stay within their food budgets while improving their health. My expertise includes changing food habits to promote a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, and longevity, how to deal with nutrition-related disease issues, how to lose or maintain a healthy weight, exercise nutrition, and adolescent nutrition.  In all areas, I provide a personalized strategy to reach the desired goals in a reasonable and healthy time period.

  • Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemistry, MIT
  • Certified Nutritional Specialist
  • Fellow of the American College of Nutrition
  • Teaching faculty, Columbia University Medical Center – Institute of Human Nutrition
  • Sr. Vice President, Zymes LLC
  • Researcher: Zymes,  MIT, Harvard, Barnard College

Nuttarote Wangwinyoo

Associate Trainer

Nutt works extensively in engaging people to reflect and gain self-awareness, so as to enrich spiritual development into a modern context. He works with people in various social sectors, from Indigenous groups in Northern Thailand to public health systems, educational professionals, and business organizations, in finding personal transformation and creating a meaningful living. His organization, Kwanpandin Institute for Contemplative Learning is based in Chiangrai and Bangkok, Thailand.

website: www.earth-soul.com


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