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From David:


What we deny becomes our destiny, what we embrace becomes our destiny, there is a choice. 


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"David – I think you bring great expertise, experience, and energy to the group. I love how you mix-up stories, explanations, practical physical practice, demonstrations, and group work. I think that your passion for this work is infectious and creates great energy. I also love the sense of safety and openness that you created with the group.”

— Angela Walkley, Life Coach and NVC certified trainer



“I was breath-taken by some of the examples he brought, and filled with hope connecting to the possibilities of teaching NVC through these examples. I was also very impressed with David’s presence and ease as a facilitator. It seems that more and more NVC practitioners are including the body in their work; David has his own unique way of doing that and I just hope that as many people as possible could access his work.”

–François Beausoleil, CNVC Certified Trainer


"David is one of those rare teachers who tune in completely to his audience. You feel heard, seen and empowered through his work and that is a great gift.  His skill as an Aikido master blends forcefully with his creative program of Somatic Consensus.  You leave with a deep awareness of your own embodied habits, and exciting new skills to help you return to center, stay neutral in crisis, and lead with your heart.  I can’t recommend him and his workshops highly enough.”

–Jane Falkner,  Therapist, and  Coach