At Liminal Somatics we are dedicated to reclaiming the gifts of community, deepening our connection to one another and stewarding the earth for the sake of securing a more nurturing world for generations to come.

Our multi-disciplinary approach draws on cutting-edge somatic practices, verbal and non-verbal integrative models, emotional and somatic intelligence, and experiential consensus building. Woven into our programs are the time-honored lessons of mastery and conflict resolution distilled from the peaceful art of Aikido.

By literally coming to our senses we become more self-directed and self-generative, and we increase our capacity for happiness and success.

Teaching what I care about and love to continue learning together.... 

What we carry emotionally and physically is never far from the foreground of all that we do, perceive, and express, both verbally and nonverbally. To affect real change, we must do more than talk a good game. It requires us to come back, time and time again, to rediscover what we love about the paths we are choosing. Through deliberate, committed, intentional practice over time, we come face to face with the history we’ve embodied, our deeper self, our greatest gifts, and the motivation to stay the course of becoming the person we choose to be. Somatic Consensus practices for embodying Nonviolent Communication are often reconnecting, surprisingly direct, sometimes startling, and always informative.

Two main themes that are woven throughout all of the practices and trainings are:

  1. Reclaiming our empathic faculties to recognize and honor the common ground we share in all our relationships, human and
  2. Finding and empowering our voices by aligning what we deeply value with our words and


These are essential skills for any of us who want to deepen the quality of our relationships, generate community, and effect positive change—personal, social, environmental, or political. My original work, Somatic Consensus, offers a unique perspective on the NVC basics by focusing on the less-emphasized nonverbal realm in which much communication occurs. The cornerstones that inform the practices of Somatic Consensus are Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Somatic Coaching, the peaceful martial art of Aikido and lessons gleaned from living the consensus process in my intentional community since 1990. Each brings a unique emphasis, and together, they form the practices in this book for synchronizing language, emotions, and actions to support a meaningful life that is deeply felt.