Somatic Consensus Leadership Program

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Become a Somatic Consensus Certified Trainer:

  • Completion of the 9-month Somatic Consensus Leadership Program
  • Log at least 60 hours of facilitating training courses, practice sessions, and/or one-on-one sessions
  • Completion of a Somatic Autobiography
  • Feedback from at least 10 participants from your sessions
  • Journal and self-feedback from your training sessions
  • Feedback from the Liminal Somatics Team on at least 3 training sessions 
  • 2-hour Final Assessment with David Weinstock and Liminal Somatics Team
  • Know and articulate a personal vision/mission statement, program design, commitments, and conditions of satisfaction


Benefits for Certified Trainers: 

  • Become an associate trainer with Liminal Somatics
  • Access the Liminal Somatics Team and website for support with registrations, promotions, and an online platforms for your own courses (additional fees may apply)
  • Share your name and offerings on the Liminal Somatics website (additional fees may apply)
  • Partner in opportunities with LS associates and in our Learning Community Dojo
  • Has a credential that mutually honors the Somatic Consensus lineage
  • 50% off all future Liminal Somatic online sessions and 25% off in-person training

**The fees to become certified will be based on the needs of the individual wishing to be certified and the Liminal Somatics Team members involved in supporting the individual. 

SC Certification Application Process