The Somatic Consensus Certified Trainer Path

The 9-month program prepares participants in all the criteria needed to become a Somatic Consensus Certified Trainer.  Some of you may just wish to take the 9 month training for personal reasons. If you are interested in taking it into your lively hood, this certification process will serve you well. This part of the program is optional.

David Weinstock and the Liminal Somatic team will work with each certification candidate to assess what is needed to complete the criteria for certification in order to share this work with confidence and competence to a diverse audience throughout the world. We recognize that each candidate has different, styles, rhythms, ways of learning, and desired outcomes. We will do our best to hold your needs with care and integrity to honestly assess and offer anything that is needed for you to fulfill on criteria and preparation for certification.

There will be a suggested base fee of 500 dollars US that will go towards the team's time, effort, and work assessing, offering practices, materials, and guidance to that end. This price may vary depending on the needs of each participant. Together, with you, we can assess what is needed, fair and do-able. 

Please take the time to sit with the questions on this application. Your answers will help us to understand the outcomes you desire on the SC certification path and they will help us make sure that what we offer is a good fit.  

Somatic Consensus training is a co-creative process. Your answers to the questions on the Certification Application will serve as a backdrop for us to assess the best ways that we can help shape this program to support your needs.

The world is calling each of us to bring our gifts to bear and work together for a better world.


David Weinstock and the LS Team

Receive Information about the Certification Path

Please also fill out the Certification Application below

Become a Somatic Consensus Certified Trainer:

  • Completion of the 9-month Somatic Consensus Leadership Program
  • Facilitate an 8-week Liminal Somatics Foundation Course, or the equivalent (practice sessions, one-on-one sessions) to show competence in all Liminal Somatics practices
  • Somatic Autobiography
  • Receive feedback from the Liminal Somatics Team and from participants from your sessions
  • Conferences and working together with David Weinstock and Liminal Somatics Team to assess competencies to begin as a Somatic Consensus Trainer
  • Know and articulate a personal vision/mission statement, program design, commitments, and conditions of satisfaction


Benefits for Certified Trainers: 

  • Title of Somatic Consensus Trainer and Associate Trainer with Liminal Somatics
  • Access the Liminal Somatics Team and website for support with registrations, promotions, and an online platforms for your own courses (additional fees may apply)
  • Share your name and offerings on the Liminal Somatics website (additional fees may apply)
  • Partner in opportunities with LS Associates and in our Learning Community Dojo
  • Have a credential that mutually honors the Somatic Consensus lineage
  • 50% off all future Liminal Somatic online sessions and 25% off in-person trainings
  • ...and more to come

**The fees to become certified will be based on the needs of the individual wishing to be certified and the Liminal Somatics Team members involved in supporting the individual.  

Somatic Consensus Certified Trainer Application