Becoming What You Need

Somatic Consensus Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication

An 8-Week Foundation Course 


At the heart of this virtual course are simple yet deep practices to explore NVC as a whole-body/mind, lifelong art and practice for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground, and speaking your truth with power and compassion.    

Our 8-week series offers an integrated physical, emotional, and linguistic map for practicing and understanding Nonviolent Communication processes. Here we take the time and space for practice to establish awareness to listen to the messages of our feelings and emotions during challenging and triggering moments. This allows our body’s signals to become an “inner guidance system” that brings direction and clarity to the choices at hand for creating collaborative strategies that honor everyone’s needs.

Let's explore NVC as a whole-body/mind communication, lifelong art, and practice. Liminal Somatics Associate Trainers will present an overview of this body of work, touch on its history, share its basic principles and offer some experiential practices that offer a somatic connection to the consciousness and qualities underlying this art and compassionate discipline.


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8-week Foundation

for Embodying Nonviolent Communication


April 2 through May 21, 2023



5 pm - 7 pm PDT // 8 pm - 10 pm EDT



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