Becoming What You Need


Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication


by David K. Weinstock

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This book approaches NVC as a lifelong art and discipline that, over time, builds essential skills for any of us who want to deepen the quality of our relationships, appreciate and generate community, and effect positive change—personal, social, environmental, political and global. The practices in this book illuminate how to:

  • Participate deeply in our own healing,
  • Contact deep needs that have been habitually ignored,
  • Discharge the anxiety held in old embodied reactions, and
  • Cultivate new strategies and resources for connecting more capably and enjoyably
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Cultivate more coherence between verbal/non-verbal communication

  • Improve empathic listening and presence.
  • Build new neural learning pathways that support embodiment of NVC consciousness.
  • Notice emotional overwhelms and learn tools that support self-regulation for regaining internal balance.
  • Support the leap from memorization (intellectual resonance with the ideas) to a whole mind/body lived experience of NVC.
  • Support more skillfully vulnerable, meaningful and authentic relationships.
  • Cultivate a heightened sense of one’s own needs and ways to balance them with the needs of others.
  • Deepen trust in the inherent resources and intuitive wisdom of our bodies.
  • Develop a centered, resilient, resourceful, and authentic presence in stressful times.
  • Learn and practice basic emotional and linguistic building blocks for deepening relationships.
  • Reinvigorate the empathic listening skills that connect us to the delicate and comprehensive intelligence of our human and nonhuman ecosystem.
  • Identify and navigate more skillfully the paradoxes of relationship.
  • Build consensus from the “inside-out” and create collaborative strategies.
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Becoming What You Need’s unique somatic addition to NVC practice helps learners develop more coherence between the words we use and what we communicate nonverbally.  It is for those seeking ways they can easily practice on a daily basis to embody the qualities of needs and improve empathic listening through simple, doable steps that will consistently deepen and expand these abilities over a lifetime. The practices in this book organize around what we each care about and supports who we choose to become on our path of living NVC consciousness.

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